Monday 14 May 2012

Interesting Position

Tom reached this interesting position in one of his games in the Malahide Mellenium Tournament.

Can you find the best move?


Wednesday 11 April 2012


Naomh Barróg Ennis team win Trophy and secure promotion to 2nd Division

A nail-biting, cliff-hanging final resulted in a 3.5 to 2.5 win for Naomh Barróg over Royal Lopez on the 1st April 2012. We needed four points to be absolutely sure of the trophy. Drogheda dropped half a point early on so that left us needing just 3.5 points. Early wins for us on boards 1 and 4, and things were looking good. Then we lost on boards 2 and 3. Now we needed 1.5 points from the remaining two games and both games looked drawish. In a sweet endgame manoeuvre Barry sacrificed two pawns to get a passed pawn and secure the win. The remaining game was drawn and we had the trophy. Now for the Heidenfeld!
Our winning team, including subs throughout the year, is:
Brian Gallagher, Sean Nolan, Stephen Kelly, Airidas Tolkus, Barry Plummer, Justin Corry, Tom Collins, Austin Blake, John O'Driscoll, Andrew O'Brien.
The O'Hanlon team finished with a flourish, beating Phibsboro 4/2 but, unfortunately, still demoted.

Friday 23 December 2011

Christmas Blitz - photos

Some photos of Michael presenting the the Christmas Blitz prizes (Tom should have more soon).

Best Junior - Clare Gallagher & Cormac Graham

2nd Place - Katherine Bolger & Harry Howard 

1st Place -  Brian Gallagher

Christmas Blitz - results

We had our Christmas Blitz on Tuesday night with 21 participants. Thanks to all who attended for making it a fun and enjoyable night.

We used the same time-handicapping system work out by Sean Nolan last year and again it worked well with the top of the leader board throwing up a nice mix of players on different ratings.

Thanks to all those who helped out with setting up the tables and boards, refreshments, tidying up etc.

Winner (5 out of 5)
Brian Gallagher

2nd (Tie on 4 out of 5)
Harry Howard
Katherine Bolger (JNR)

Best Junior (Tie on 3 out of 5)
Cormac Graham
Clare Gallagher

Final Positions

Brian Gallagher15
Harry Howard24
Katherine Bolger (JNR)24
Amos Walsh43.5
Martin Molloy43.5
Paul Douglas63
Andrew O'Brien63
Stephen Kelly63
Airdas Tolkus63
Cormac Graham (JNR)63
Michael O'Dwyer63
Clare Gallagher (JNR)63
Suzanne Barry132
Niall Mullen132
Tom Collins132
Scott Graham132
John Forde132
Patrick C Quinn181
Ned Byrne181
John O'Driscoll181
Justin Corry181

Cross Table

6Brian Gallagher5+18+27+26+23+3
10Harry Howard4-23+2+17+27+26
15Katherine Bolger4-1+21+24+28+9
2Amos Walsh3.5=16-10+13+12+23
16Martin Molloy3.5=2+8-23+14+24
1Airdas Tolkus3+15+19-9-26+27
3Andrew O'Brien3+17-23+19+9-6
8Clare Gallagher3-19-16+18+21+28
9Cormac Graham3+21+28+1-3-15
17Michael O'Dwyer3-3+13-10+19+18
23Paul Douglas3+10+3+16-6-2
26Stephen Kelly3+13+12-6+1-10
12John Forde2+24-26-27-2+21
19Niall Mullen2+8-1-3-17+14
24Scott Graham2-12+BYE-15+13-16
27Suzanne Barry2+14-6+12-10-1
28Tom Collins2+BYE-9+14-15-8
13John O'Driscoll1-26-17-2-24+BYE
14Justin Corry1-27+18-28-16-19
18Ned Byrne1-6-14-8+BYE-17
21Patrick C Quinn1-9-15+BYE-8-12

Tuesday 6 December 2011

Naomh Barrog Christmas Blitz 2011

Naomh Barróg Christmas Chess Blitz

20th December 2011

Venue:            Naomh Barróg Chess Club

Date:               20th December 2011

Time:              7:30pm sharp until 10:00pm

Entries to: (087-2432330).  Please enter in advance.

Entry:             Free

Open to:        

  • Naomh Barróg Chess Club members
  • Members of Naomh Barróg Junior Chess Club (as selected by Martin Molly)

  • Parents/Guardians of participating Juniors

  • Friends of Naomh Barróg Chess Club e.g. former members.

Format:          5 round swiss tournament played over one night

Time control: 20 minutes for the match (time allocated to players according to their rating).

Prizes:             First, second and best junior.

Refreshments:           Mince Pies after tournament.

Thursday 24 November 2011

Joe Rafferty - An Appreciation

Joe was originally a member of the Caissa Chess Club, located in the White Horse Bar, Burgh Quay, Dublin 1. However, Joe wished to set up a more local chess club and, with the help of PC Quinn, he helped found Trinity Chess Club based in the Trinity Sports and Leisure cente in Donaghmede in 1982.
Joe was also a founder member of the Trinity Sports and Leisure centre and used his "good influence" to secure a small room located adjacent to the Squash Court for the chess club. This room was by no means generous in size and was probably the smallest chess venue in Dublin - if not the Country at the time! This room had no windows.
Nevertheless we all managed to squeeze in to it and we had some very enjoyable chess matches there. One drawback was that on the same night as our chess night an Aerobics class was held next door in the Squash court. This meant that we could hear all the hits of Madonna and the other stars of the time belted out on a ghetto-blaster while trying to concentrate on the chess. Certainly an intimidating atmosphere for any opposition!
From there we graduated to the back bar and then to the boardroom in the Trinity Sports & Leisure Centre with about a two year spell in the Baldoyle Youth club in between times.
Unfortunately a new Committee arrived in the Trinity Sports & Leisure Centre and we were no longer welcome in the Boardroom so it was a case of moving on. Again Joe used his good influence with a friend who was the caretaker of St. Kevin's School in Donaghmede to secure a playing venue. One drawback however was that we had to vacate the building when the caretaker arrived back at around 10.30 pm!
On one occasion I remember playing a League match and noticed the caretaker hovering around as it was getting late. I suggested to my opponent that we might adjourn the match which you could do at that time. He was initially reluctant to do this, but I had to explain to him that the lights would be going out shortly and that if he wanted to he could spend the night there. Needless to say he decided to adjourn the match.
Our stay in St. Kevin's School did not last long after that and we were on the move again. This time we managed to secure a room in Naomh Barrog GAA Club thanks to the goodwill of the Naomh Barrog Committee and soon after changed the name to Naomh Barrog Chess club.
Joe was a fully committed member of the chess club and very often was one of the few left at the end of the evening putting the chess equipment away. At that stage we would usually adjourn to the Bar upstairs where Joe enlivened the conversation and the craic.
Joe could always be relied on to get our chess stationery as he had a good contact that ensured we never ran short of chess score sheets,  
There was also a very human side to Joe which some people may not be aware of. If anyone needed help or if anything needed to be mended Joe was always on hand. He saw to it that the Club notice board was properly fixed, that Tom was taking garlic pills for his cough and that John Forde had something to cure his sinus problem. Joe was forever making life more livable for those around him.
I myself recall a period when, after surgery, I spent two weeks recovering in the Orthopaedic Hospital in Clontarf. Joe was a frequent visitor to see me. He used to bring fruit, sweets and a chess board and, to the amusement of the other patients, we had some entertaining chess matches.
I along with a lot of other people have very fond memories of Joe. 
Ar dheis Dé go raibh a h-anam dilis.
Michael O'Dwyer
Naomh Barróg Chess Club 

Friday 11 November 2011

Joe Rafferty RIP

JOE RAFFERTY (1941-2011)
Fond Remembrance